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Carbon offsets are confusing, and many people wonder how—or if—they even work. Hoping to find a more guilt-free way to travel, frequent flier Tim Neville heads to the ranchlands of Montana to see what an offset looks like on the ground. Hint: it involves cows. Outside, October 2020
Antarctica: Exploring the planet’s greatest wilderness in a 75-foot boat will rock you to your core. So will crossing the Drake. Departures, Jan/Feb 2017


Macedonia: A fishing trip. Stonefly 2016


Egypt: The Philae was to be the grandest river cruiser ever to ply the Nile. Then the revolution hit. Robb Report, April 2017


Albania: A warts-and-all journey through one of the most exciting and misunderstood countries in Europe. Outside, June 2014 / Lowell Thomas award


ski Brezovica
Kosovo: Before the wars, Kosovo was known for great skiing. Can it be that way again? New York Times, Feb. 28, 2016 / Lowell Thomas award


NYT E Bike
Switzerland: An electric bike makes riding around the Alps a breeze. Sorta. New York Times, August 2011 / Lowell Thomas award

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