Miss Rhee and me

A few years ago I went to North Korea to write about the country’s first, best, and only luxury ski resort, a story that made it into Best American Travel Writing. Before I hit the slopes, though, I spent a few days in and around Pyongyang visiting the sites we foreigners are allowed to visit, including a stop at the Fatherland Liberation Museum dedicated to the north’s wildly inaccurate version of the Korean War. While at the museum I met an army officer named Miss Rhee who doubled as a tour guide. She was by far the most memorable person I met on that trip namely because she was so…lovely. World Nomads let me write about her. Here’s a link to story I’ve been wanting to publish for years.

One thought on “Miss Rhee and me

  1. Hi Tim,

    I want to learn from you… have started writing about my travels like mid last year… Planning to have my personalized website but maybe later when my writing is more or less good… Just want to know more on what I need to disclose and not coz I have this tendency to tell all…

    Looking forward and thanks.

    Hope to hear from you,



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